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A+ Vacations is owned and operated by Steven J. Lescarbeau, a native of North Adams, Massachusetts. Steve has been planning vacations for over 18 years. Click here to read more about A+ Vacations!

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Book your own vacations online for great deals! We’ll still be in the loop to help you with any questions or problems Did you know that when you book online through any of the “vacation web portals”, that you are truly on your own? If there is a problem, there is no one to help you out. Now, you can book your own vacation, with the comfort of knowing that A+ Vacations is in the background to help you with any problems.

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Honeymoon Tips

A+ Vacations has some Useful Tips For Planning Your Honeymoon, as well as some Do's and Don'ts of Planning the Perfect Honeymoon.  At A+ Vacations we specialize in planning honeymoons, and have used these tips time and time again.  If you or someone you know is planning a honeymoon, send us an e-mail and we will be happy to mail you a copy of these tips.  We have conducted seminars around Berkshire County using these tips and have always had a great response from the public.

These tips are free for the asking, but are an extra service that A+ Vacations provides exclusively for our clients.  Have a Great Honeymoon, an A+ Honeymoon!

Just click on the email below and leave your name and mailing address and we will be happy to mail out your free "Useful Tips For Planning Your Honeymoon", or "Do's and Don'ts of Planning The Perfect Honeymoon".

Package Tours/All Inclusives

What exactly is a package tour? Well, a package is the best way to put together a vacation as far as value for your money. When you purchase an airline ticket, a hotel, and a car rental separately, chances are you are paying too much. When done separately, you are paying what is called rack rates. By doing everything together with a tour company, you receive the benefits of these tour company's buying power. They are able to offer you bulk rates on all of the components of your trip (airfare, hotel, and car rental). This amounts to a significant savings for you!

At A+ Vacations we work with hundreds of tour companies, but are very selective to use the ones that have invested in the USTOA consumer protection program. USTOA stands for United States Tour Operators Association. All operators that belong to this organization have invested a million dollars each in an escrow account. This money is for a consumer protection plan, that if their tour operator were to suddenly go bankrupt, the consumer would be protected and received their money back! Kind of a vacation guarantee. We know you work hard for your money, and will do our best to see that you are protected.

All-inclusives are a type of package that includes everything in one up front price. All meals, drinks, non-motorized water sports, taxes, and accommodations are included. These are fast becoming the most popular vacations. Many people don't want to have to think while away. There are many properties and destinations to choose from. If you are interested in an All-inclusive vacation, let us know.

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